Thursday, September 12, 2019

Week four: Part one

The first website I visited was "Jami Lin's Passions" and the first thing I noticed was how cluttered the page was. My eyes seemed to wonder everywhere searching for something important to focus on. As my eyes wondered about the page, i noticed that there didn't seem to be a logo or any consistency on page. Even after spending a minute or so looking at the page, i still had trouble trying to figure out exactly what the webpage was for. Among the many things offered on the page, ironically, fung shui (arranging things in a specific way to create energy) consulting is offered.
The second page I viewed was the "MGBD Parts" page. This page was slightly more organized than Jami Lins page but it was still lacking organization. The alignment seemed to be off and as i looked at the page, it made my eyes wonder and the pictures around the text pulled me away from the information. Although the text they chose didn't seem like a bad choice, placing it on top of photos made it very difficult to read. The website was surprisingly fairly easy to navigate but as i did, i noticed that it lacked consistency. Many of the links were missing the logo or had a completely different look altogether.
After checking out the first two websites, I knew without a doubt that the apple and Toyota pages would be very well put together and aesthetically pleasing. I checked out the Apple page next and without surprise, it was very well designed, easy to navigate and very consistent. The apple logo is consistently at the top of every page and directly next to it has all the navigation links. The links are exactly what you'd expect and all the links stay fairly consistent in design. They used bold text and large photos to show off their new products and as you scroll down the page, you see the other products that aren't quite as new but still equally expensive.
Again, without surprise, the Toyota page was well put together and easy to navigate. There is a little more going on than the Apple page but after looking around for just a few seconds, you can easily navigate yourself around the page. Every link you click on has the same consistent layout with the Toyota logo at the top and the navigation links directly next to it. All the text is easy to read with the most important information being in bold at the top with large eye catching photos.
As i figured, multibillion dollar companies would have a very well designed and functioning website that leaves you satisfied and able to find exactly what you were looking for.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Week three: Part two

1. The Gentlemen's Den
3. No links provided on their website but a quick google search brought up Instagram and Facebook
4. Their Instagram and Facebook are linked but it doesn't seem like they are active on facebook. they seem to very active on Instagram
5. 9/9/2019
6. It seem as though they don't use Facebook other than directly linking their instagram account to it. I follow them on Instagram and they are very active on there. They reply to comments, post on their story and post something almost every day.

1. SD barber supply
3. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Youtube
4. Twitter, Pinterest and google+ link not active. March 8 was their last post on Facebook but previous to that they were very active. They have a Youtube account but no content on it. They are very active on Instagram with lots of posts and actively replying to comments.
5. Facebook: March 8. Instagram: 9/5/19
6. They definitely utilize Instagram the most and seem to be doing a good job. When they were updating Facebook, it seemed to be used well. The other platforms aren't active.

1. Wahl USA
3. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube
4. Very active on all platforms
5. Facebook: 9/7/19 Twitter: 9/9/19 Instagram: 9/7/19 Youtube: 8/22/19
6. Wahl is a very large company and is very active on all social media platforms. They manage them very well and take the time to respond to individual comments, post new products and do how-to videos.

1. Mizutani
3. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
4. They are somewhat active one facebook and seem to post about once a month. The instagram link takes you to their old instagram account and from there you can go to their new page. Their new page is very active with daily posts and user interaction. They are somewhat active on youtube and usually post a video once a month.
5. Facebook: 8/21/19 Instagram: 9/9/19 Youtube: 8/8/19
6. Mizutani focuses mainly on their instagram account where they are extremely active with sometimes multiple posts per day, user interaction and responding to many comments.

1. Thrashin Supply
3. No social media links on their website but they do have a facebook, instagram and youtube.
4. They are not very active on Facebook and sometimes go months without posting. Their last video on youtube was just over a year ago. They are however very active on instagram posting daily and frequently interacting with customers through comments and replies.
5. Facebook: 6/17/19 youtube: 9/2/18 instagram: 9/9/19
6. They are fairly inactive on facebook and youtube but manage their instagram very well and have a lot of customer interaction and great customer service.

After doing this research, it appears that most companies use a broad range of social media platforms but the favorite seems to be instagram. I think instagram seems to be the platform of choice due to the ease of use, no character limit and easy to display products. Personally, I prefer to use instagram as well due to the fact that its easy for me to display my work (haircuts) as well as interacting with clients when they comment on my posts.

This week i commented on the blogs of Brady, Burks II and Cliff

Week three: Part one

I can't specifically recall a time that i have had a difficult time communicating with a business but I can definitely think of times that have been positive. Recently, I saw an ad on Instagram for foot pegs for my Harley. They definitely nailed their market on their ads. The company is Crossthread Cycle and I ended up purchasing multiple items from them.
I sent a direct message on Instagram to ask them if they did package deals. I was looking for front and rear pegs, shift lever and brake lever. They responded very quickly and gave me a 15% discount for purchasing them as a package. I received the package within a few days and got some free stickers!
As a business owner, I believe social media is very important and responding to positive comments is important but responding (and offering a solution) to negative comments is much more important. I feel the positive comments speak for themself and is free advertising for your company. The negative comments can spread like wildfire especially if there are multiple and not fixed. I believe a simple comment with an explanation and a solution can be a huge, and even positive thing for you. A company with superior customer service will definitely be my first choice to go to when purchasing something new. 

Monday, September 2, 2019

Week two: Part two

For the week two responses, I commented on the blogs of Christina, Donald and Hannah.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Week two: Part one

When I think of social media, I consider Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter (honorable mention: Pinterest) to be the main platforms. Out of those platforms some seem to be catered more specifically to personal use and some more so to business.
When I think of a social media platform specifically for personal use, the first one that comes to mind would be Snapchat. Outside of purchasing adds on snapchat, the platform isn't set up very well for a business account. Im not personally familiar with twitter but from what I have learned about it, it does seem like it is catered mostly towards personal use.
Instagram has about 500 million users and is very popular for both business and personal use. Today, almost any business you can think of probably has a Instagram account. Instagram has an actual business account feature that provides cool features for businesses with the option to pay for promotion. Although Instagram is picture based, there isn't a limit to the amount of text you can add to your photos.
Facebook is still considered to the the social media platform leader with about 2.4 billion users. Facebook has many great features for business users that make it the ideal social media platform for both personal and business use. Facebook is text, photo and video based posts and also has an option to to instantly repost or share posts.
I use Facebook and Instagram but I am rarely on Facebook. My facebook is strictly for personal use and mainly to keep in touch with family. In the future, I do plan on starting a facebook page and investing money in Facebook ads for my barbershop. I use my Instagram strictly for my barber photos and plan on maintaining it and making it a business account in the future for my barbershop.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Week one: Part two

Week one: Theme choice explanation

I'll admit, my experience with blogging is extremely limited (none actually) so it took me some time searching the web to figure out what I was doing. I chose the travel theme based off the title alone because I really enjoy traveling and it was really the only one that stuck out to me. The theme is very simple and easy to navigate, which I enjoy because i'm trying to figure this all out and it makes it much easier for me.
I am taking this class because I am currently a barber and we rely a lot on social media, especially instagram to help promote our work and gain new clientele. I currently have an instagram that is just for my barbering photos and facebook that I really use. Even though i don't use it often, I feel fairly comfortable using social media but i hope this class will give me some tips and tricks to help promote my work a little more efficiently.
Like I said before, i really enjoy traveling. Almost every weekend I jump on my motorcycle and try to make it to a new restaurant, bar, hike, swimming hole, lake or even a new road that i haven't been to before. Any time i get a long weekend or more, i try to travel to a new location and i feel a blog like this could be a great way for me to share my experiences.